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Safeguard your data and modernize your cryptography for the quantum era

Migrating to next-generation ciphers resilient to quantum decryption is an urgent priority for governments and enterprises worldwide. Quantum Infinite leads your organization through Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) innovations and global strategies to shield your key infrastructure from impending quantum disruption

A Comprehensive Solution For Your Quantum-Safe Journey

Migrating your current cryptography infrastructure to post-quantum encryption standards is an urgent, mission critical priority before scalable quantum computers emerge. The Executive Office President of the United States of Management and Budget, has laid down the timelines in the memorandum for migration to Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC).  The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) plans to finalize standards for these post-quantum ciphers by 2024, after which governments and enterprises must urgently transition critical systems and infrastructure to these quantum-resilient protocols before scalable quantum computers emerge later this decade. Businesses would need time-consuming adequate PQC preparation to migrate to these new standards. Quantum computing promises immense business value for clients, but quantum computers will also be able to break some of the most widely used security protocols in the world. Businesses must understand the risk quantum technology poses to their systems and data, develop a quantum-safe strategy, and help their teams build competency in quantum-safe cryptographic implementations. Post-quantum cryptography aims to develop new encryption schemes secure against both classical and quantum attacks as a future-proof defense


Identify cryptography usage,
analyze dependencies, and generate Cryptography Inventory of Items (CI3).


Analyze cryptographic posture
of compliance and prioritize
vulnerabilities based on risks. Track KPIs for cryptographic modernization 


Remediate vulnerabilities using quantum-safe best practices. Learn, explore, and implement quantum-safe cryptography to achieve crypto-agility 

An end-to-end approach to achieving crypto-agility

Quantum Infinite offers an end-to-end solution to help organizations plan an efficient and secure migration from today’s classical cryptography to tomorrow’s quantum-safe cryptography, regardless of where they are starting.

Technology overview

Quantum Safe Explorer

Quantum Safe Explorer
scans and analyzes source code and object code to identify all cryptographically relevant artifacts, uncover dependencies, and surface vulnerabilities.

Quantum Safe Advisor

Quantum Safe Advisor performs an enterprise-wide cryptography analysis and builds a comprehensive cryptographic inventory that details the types and locations of your cryptographic instances.

Quantum Safe Remediator

Quantum Safe Remediator
helps you to create an architecture for seamlessly upgrading your cryptography infrastructure to quantum-safe through a robust set of remediation patterns based on
enterprise use cases.

Data not secured today is already lost

The quantum era will unfold over time, but “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks enable cybercriminals to steal data today and store it until more advanced quantum computers emerge. The advent of Quantum computers will bring the level of threat multi-fold.

Rising cost of data breaches

Reaching an all-time high, the cost of a data breach averaged USD 4.35 million in 2022, a 12.7% increase from 2020. This figure is likely to increase further as quantum-based attacks become more common. Businesses not adopting PQC standards would be soft targets.

Shortage of skills

CISOs and CIOs are becoming aware of the approaching threat of quantum-based attacks but may not know how to protect against them. Migrating to post-quantum cryptography standard is an area of specialty and businesses are not equipped to go through the transition process.

Impending regulation

Governments and regulatory bodies around the world are monitoring developments in quantum technology and are beginning to establish timelines and guidelines for the transition to quantum-safe cryptography. The standards are set to be published by NIST in 2024. Per the memorandum published by the White House, businesses should have started their PQC quantum journey in early 2023.

Quantum Safe Remediator

Quantum Safe Advisor

Quantum Safe Explorer

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