AI-Powered Quantum-Safe Technology

Helping You Migrate To Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC)


With our Quantum-Safe platform, we locate critical data segments on your cloud, databases, and secure systems along with their applications, network, web applications, mobile applications, and social handles.

We Identify cryptography usage, inter-dependencies, and generate a Cryptography Inventory of Items (CI3).


Powered by our Quantum-Safe technology, we examine, assess, and evaluate your entire cybersecurity infrastructure by performing a detailed risk analysis, simulations & testing.

We Analyze the cryptographic posture of compliance and prioritize vulnerabilities based on risks. Track KPIs for cryptographic modernization.


We Remediate vulnerabilities with available solutions per existing standards and strive to migrate to future updated standards.

We provide long-term monitoring services using quantum-safe best practices to keep you secure.

We help you learn, explore, and implement quantum-safe cryptography to achieve crypto-agility.

Technical Information

Post-quantum cryptography centers on encryption protocols whose complexity does not rely on factoring large prime numbers vulnerable to Shor’s algorithm. Key techniques include Lattice-based cryptography hides messages within high-dimensional mathematical structures problematic to decrypt.

Hash-based signatures applying cryptographic hashing functions impractical for quantum systems to invert.

Code-based cryptography embeds data in error-correcting codes unbreakable by known quantum attacks.

Among these approaches, lattice-based and code-based techniques emerge as the most performant and versatile options favored by standards groups. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently selected four encryption algorithms – three lattice-based (CRYSTALS-Kyber, NTRU, and SABER) and one code-based (BIKE) – as the first post-quantum cryptographic standard.

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